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Taxi Vleuten is an excellent way to explore the charming city of Utrecht with ease and comfort. With Taxi Vleuten, you can enjoy a stress-free and convenient taxi experience. Our licensed and professional drivers know the city inside and out, ensuring that you reach your destination on time and in style. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with top-notch service and are committed to ensuring their satisfaction. Whether you’re traveling to Vleuten for business or pleasure, Taxi Vleuten has got you covered. Book your ride with us today and experience the comfort and convenience of our premium taxi services.


Booking Your Taxi de Meern Easily

Reservations can be made in three types:

  • Online booking
  • Booking a cab through our app
  • On the spot hiring of our ride available at the airport, but in this case you have to wait for a while.


Our prices are unquestionably competitive and comparable to those of other Taxi Vleuten services. Additionally, our open pricing policy ensures that you will be aware of the exact cost of your ride prior to making a reservation. When compared to other taxi services, this eliminates any unexpected charges or hidden fees.

Our Fleet

Taxi Vleuten offers the most comfortable and marvelous rides that travelers would have been wished for!

  • standard cab
  • VIP rides include Limousine, Audi, Mercedes, BMW
  • Minibus serving for family or small group
  • Minibus serving for larger number of people 12-16
  • Welcome pickups

All the rides have the child seat facility and we also have the wheel-chair keeping facility, but it is however advisable to confirm while doing online booking.

Why Safe taxi ?

That’s not that hard.

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Regarding the city

A town called Vleuten is located in the western part of the Dutch municipality of Utrecht. Up until 2001, Vleuten, De Meern, and Haarzuilens were all part of the municipality of Vleuten-De Meern. This municipality was created on January 1, 1954, by the union of the former municipalities of Vleuten, Haarzuilens, a portion of Oudenrijn, and the majority of Veldhuizen. On January 1, 2001, Vleuten-De Meern was incorporated into the municipality of Utrecht. At the time, there were roughly 12,000 inhabitants in De Meern, 8,000 in Vleuten, and 500 in the tiny Haarzuilens. A neighborhood called Vleuten-De Meern will have 50,502 residents there as of January 1, 2021, having moved there since 2001. Since the extension, there has been a dramatic increase in the population, which is primarily because of two huge new-form areas, namelyVeldhuizen and Vleuterweide .

Stations nearby the location

There is a train station in Vleuten, Utrecht, and the Netherlands. The station, which opened its doors in 1881, is located along the Utrecht–Rotterdam railway. The management of the train services falls under Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

The following services are offered by Vleuten:

Local service runs every half-hour between Woerden and Utrecht, The Hague, Gouda, and Utrecht.

We offer transfers!

Along with airport transfers, group transportation, and business travel, we offer transportation to and from the area. Travelers who need to get to the airport quickly will find the airport transfer service to be of particular assistance. To make sure you make it to the airport in time for your flight, the taxi will pick you up at your door and drop you off there.

Benefits of choosing our business!

  • Our aids’ dependability and usability are among our greatest advantages.
  • Having a loyal form of transportation is crucial given the hectic way of life we lead today.

You will always arrive at your destination on time, we guarantee it. Taxi service is available to make your travels easier, whether you need to make a flight, travel to a business meeting, or just run a few errands.


How do I reserve a taxi?

A taxi can be reserved in a number of ways, including over the phone, online, or with a taxi app.

  • What is the cost of a taxi?

Taxi fares are determined by a number of variables, including travel distance, waiting time, tolls, and additional fees. Before making a reservation for a ride, you can use our website to get a fare estimate.

What forms of payment do taxis accept?

Yes, we accept cash, checks, debit or credit cards, as well as electronic payments through PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

  • Should I give the cab driver a tip?

Although not required, tipping is always appreciated. In general, 10% to 20% is thought to be a good tip.

Taxi nodig?

Wij brengen u zorgeloos naar uw bestemming. Maak het uzelf makkelijk en reserveer uw taxi altijd en overal online.