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Taxi Maarssen is an excellent way to explore the charming city of Utrecht with ease and comfort. With Taxi Maarssen, you can enjoy a stress-free and convenient taxi experience. Our licensed and professional drivers know the city inside and out, ensuring that you reach your destination on time and in style. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with top-notch service and are committed to ensuring their satisfaction. Whether you’re traveling to Maarssen for business or pleasure ,Taxi Maarssen has got you covered. Book your ride with us today and experience the comfort and convenience of our premium taxi services.


Booking Your Taxi Maarssen Easily

Reservations can be made in three types:

  • Online booking
  • Booking a cab through our app
  • On the spot hiring of our ride available at the airport, but in this case you have to wait for a while.


Our prices are unquestionably competitive and comparable to those of other Taxi Maarssen services. Additionally, our open pricing policy ensures that you will be aware of the exact cost of your ride prior to making a reservation. When compared to other taxi services, this eliminates any unexpected charges or hidden fees.

Our Fleet

Taxi Maarssen offers the most comfortable and marvelous rides that travelers would have been wished for!

  • standard cab
  • VIP rides include Limousine, Audi, Mercedes, BMW
  • Minibus serving for family or small group
  • Minibus serving for larger number of people 12-16
  • Welcome pickups

All the rides have the child seat facility and we also have the wheel-chair keeping facility, but it is however advisable to confirm while doing online booking.

Why Safe taxi ?

That’s not that hard.

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Maarssen is a location in the Dutch province of Utrecht’s Stichtse Vecht municipality. The area is in Utrecht’s northern region. Maarssen is situated not only on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal but also on the Vecht River. Maarssen is divided into two distinct areas: Maarssen-dorp, an older section to the north of the canal, and Maarssenbroek, a more recent area to the west of Maarssen-dorp and where the station is also situated. Around 40,000 people called Maarssen home as of January 1, 2022.

Regarding the company that provides you with local guidance

One of Holland’s most dependable and effective taxi services is Veilig Taxi Utrecht. The region’s top taxi company will continue to expand its clientele and reliability. We would be your best option if you’re searching for taxi services in Zeist.

Hotels where you can have a good time.

  • The Carlton President Hotel.
  • Hotel Van der Valk in Breukelen.
  • A place to stay on the Vecht.

Suburbia-area train stations

Located in Maarssenbroek and facing the Amsterdam Rheinkanal in the direction of Maarssen, the Netherlands, is the Maarssen train station. On December 18, 1843, he inaugurated a railroad station on the route connecting Amsterdam and Arnhem. Nederlandse Spoorwegen is in charge of running the Service.

This station operated two trains daily to and from Amsterdam in 1953. After Maarssenbroek was built, he enhanced the service in the 1970s, and the station launched his hourly service in 1974. This station had a 30-minute runtime in 1975.

The fourth generation station building was finished in 2004. Approximately 5,523 passengers use the station daily.



Local attractions to check out

  • The Vecht Museum Foundation.
  • Maarsveen Lakes.
  • Trail to pet otters.
  • Maarssenbroek Park, a local park.
  • Zuylen Castle.
  • Bolenstein is an example.

For your convenience, we offer several transfers.

  • Transfers to and from the airport.
  • Visits to the city for business.
  • You can travel from the suburbs to attend school and university trips.
  • Citywide group transportation.

Part of our fleet.

To make your trip even more incredible, we have the best and most comfortable vehicles.

  • Standing cabin.
  • Travel in Mercedes and BMWs, limos, and VIP business class.
  • For large families and groups, there are minibuses.

Why you should select us

One of our strengths is how dedicated we are to customer satisfaction.

Taxi Maarssen take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and making sure that each and every customer is respected and receives the best care.

Taxi Maarssen guarantee a hassle-free and comfortable ride, from taxi booking to arrival.

Taxi Maarssen can ensure that additional lifts will be entertaining and disruptive as usual because of our dedication to customer loyalty, first-rate management, and ferocious costs. Get the best taxi service by scheduling your trip with Veilig Taxi right away.


  • How can I reserve a taxi the most effectively?

You can reserve a taxi in a number of ways, such as over the phone, online, or with a taxi app.

  • Are there any supplementary fees?

Yes, there might be extra fees for carrying luggage, adding passengers, or traveling during particular times, like late at night or on holidays.

  • Which forms of payment are accepted for taxis?

We take debit cards, credit cards, and cash. Prior to the trip, it is always a good idea to discuss payment options with the taxi driver.

  • What should I do if I have a grievance?

Contact our business directly to file a complaint if you have a grievance regarding a taxi service in the Netherlands.

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